Synthetic Shingles

ECO Commercial goes above and beyond for its clientele in the local area, and represents the premier nearby provider for roofing work. If you decide to go with synthetic shingles, you can count on excellent installation from our experienced team. When one considers roofing, long-lasting durability relies a lot on the manner in which they became installed. Our team permits greater peace of mind on the part of the homeowner since we put together every roof to the letter of perfection. Property owners who want synthetic shingles in New Orleans, LA should get in touch with the area leaders at (877) 406-7663.

The Benefits of Synthetic Shingles

Formulated to appear like wood, slate, or ceramic, synthetic shingles provide an appealing, economically priced selection. The enduring, resilient material employed in synthetic shingles delivers definite savings when compared to these luxury shingle selections. Resistance in the face of damaging weather stands as a further beneficial trait of synthetic shingles. If you stay hesitant about whether to select synthetic shingles for a home, think about all the advantages.

Synthetic Shingles Are Made Out Of Durable, Lightweight, and Affordable Materials Like Rubber

Style and Appearance: Once installed on a house, you can notice almost no dissimilarity between synthetic shingles and their correlative in slate or ceramic. To further make your roof unique, you can choose from an assortment of colors and shapes, like rounded, chiseled-tip, or the usual squared-cut shingle.

Lightweight: One problem with ceramic and slate shingles comes from their weight. The weight of tile and slate leave them inaccessible for some buildings, while others need special renovations to hold the tiles heavyweight. Synthetic shingles create no weight concerns for a building. Roofing technicians can furthermore enact a faster install with lightweight material.

Durability: If staying power occurs as a top consideration, then you can’t go wrong with synthetic materials. Crushed slate, rubber, and steel come together for a sturdy product that will last for many years. An intrinsic fortitude ensures that these shingles do not necessitate frequent attention. They also will preserve their attractiveness over many seasons of rainfall and sunshine.

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Call us today at (877) 406-7663 for additional info about synthetic materials, or to begin service for your home. A single expert exists for synthetic shingles in New Orleans, LA: ECO Commercial. If you have forever desired the appearance of tile, slate, or wood shingles for your residence, then we are the provider to work with. Below is a list of the synthetic roofing materials we carry and service. Click on the links to learn more.

  • Synthetic Slate Shingles These shingles emulate the outward appearance of stone and slate materials. The lightweight of synthetic shingles also places less of a burden on a house.
  • Synthetic Tile Shingles Our synthetic tiles look wonderful on any structure. Also, collisions do not endanger these tiles with breakage.
  • Synthetic Wood Shingles Coupled with the wonderful appearance of wood shingles is pronounced service requirements. Synthetic materials mimic wood shingles or shake minus the required maintenance.