Affordable Chimney Repair Service

At your home, does the chimney get used often, or do you sometimes forget you even have a chimney? No matter how frequently you utilize your chimney, it’s important to maintain it in functioning condition. A damaged chimney is a hazard to your house, along with being a hazard to your family, since a failing chimney can potentially collapse, or even cause a fire. If your home needs chimney repair in New Orleans, LA or the nearby areas, ECO Commercial is here to help. To request an estimate, or to set up an inspection time, contact us now at (877) 406-7663.

Affordable Chimney Inspection And Cleaning

If You Need Chimney Repair or Cleaning, Call Our Roofing Company Today!

Because the chimney is securely positioned on top of your roof, it makes sense that inspecting and cleaning it may be a slight hassle for the typical homeowner. In order to handle this, we are glad to offer other chimney repair services like cleaning and assessment to our clients at an affordable cost. While inspecting your chimney, we keep a close eye out for any of the common indications of damage around the chimney. When the crown or mortar is cracking, or when the chimney is losing flue tiles, these are frequent but severe damages that need to be handled ASAP.

If your chimney is in danger of collapsing, cracked mortar is likely the cause, and should be repaired immediately. Flue tiles inside old chimneys sometimes drop, so if you find one, call for immediate chimney repair, or your chimney will be a fire hazard. If the wallpaper or drywall close to your fireplace is displaying signs of damage, it could be from to a crack in the crown, which is supposed to keep rainwater outside of the chimney.

Professional Damaged Chimney Repair

Do not allow your minor chimney damages to cause a fire or roof collapse by waiting too long for a repair. For fast and cost-effective chimney repair in New Orleans, LA, contact us at (877) 406-7663 and schedule your service. Our roof experts have years of experience with chimney inspection and cleaning services, in addition to a variety of other roof services too. If you want to enjoy your fireplace safely and happily, be sure to rely on our crew to get the job done correctly.