Single Ply Roof Membranes

Single Ply Roofing Is A Quiet Installation Process and Comes in Liquid or Roll Application

There are plenty of options on the market when it comes to commercial roofing solutions. Among the many options you’ll see, single ply membranes will stand out as a particularly effective commercial roof system, so we’ll discuss the varieties we offer, here. Your roof only needs one layer of these resilient membranes to receive the protection it requires for years in the future. You can contact our team today at (877) 406-7663 and receive your personal estimate for single ply roofing in New Orleans, LA and the nearby areas. The ECO Commercial professionals can assist you with any of your residential, commercial, and metal roofing needs!

Single Ply Roofing Varieties

Similar to roof coatings, single ply roofing membranes are one layer of roofing systems that come in liquid or roll forms that are applied to the roof for a seamless finish. The rolls are heat-welded together to eliminate gaps, and the liquid is painted on just like how a roof coating is. This difference between a  roof coating and single ply membrane is that roof coatings are applied on top of already existing roofs to usually help restore them. Single ply membranes are the original roof, as they are the first layer, and roof coatings can be applied on top of the single ply roofing.

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Though you can depend on a few perks across the board, including resistance to UV rays, water-proofing, and flexibility, other benefits of single ply membrane roofs will vary from the membrane to membrane. EPDM is likely the polymer we sell most often to commercial building owners looking for single ply membranes. Also known as rubber roofing, this polymer is surprisingly lightweight. One reason rubber roofing is so popular is that it’s manufactured in large rolls that often enable it to be installed as a solitary component, reducing the number of seams on the roofing’s surface. Other common favorites are PVC and TPO, both of which we supply here at ECO Commercial. Created to be thermoplastic membranes, your PVC and TPO membranes have leak-proof seams that are heat-welded for a perfect seal. Both are additionally known to be more durable than EPDM, as they are typically fortified with fiberglass or a similar component.

  • EPDM Membrane Rubber Roof If your structure requires an affordable and durable flat roof option, you won’t go wrong with an EPDM roof system.
  • PVC Roofing PVC roofs are one of the best single ply roofing options available and offer top of the line defense.
  • TPO Membrane Roofing If you are searching for a middle ground between EPDM and PVC, TPO is the smart option.

Single Ply Roofing You Can Trust

If you want single ply roofing in New Orleans, LA or the surrounding areas, contact our professional commercial roofers at (877) 406-7663. After a long time in the industry, our experienced contractors understand the precise technique to ensure your roof membrane serves you well for years to come. As a local roofer, ECO Commercial is glad to be the single ply roofing company this community depends on.