Foam Roof Repairs

Foam Roofing Installation Helps Restore and Protect Commercial Roofs While Providing Sufficient Energy Efficiency

Is your commercial building in need of an updated and more effective roof solution? In that case, you might be interested to know more about simple-to-install, totally seamless, polyurethane foam roofing solutions. Made by mixing polyol and isocyanate, this roofing system is sprayed as a liquid onto your roof and later sealed with an elastomeric topcoat for increased durability. Designed specifically for commercial roof systems, this solution offers exceptional leak protection because it is seamless, and superior UV protection because of the high shine. When you are interested in an expert foam roofing installation in New Orleans, LA, give ECO Commercial a ring at (833) 200-0571 to discover more!

Benefits Of Foam Roofing

In order to offer reliable protection from rain, many commercial roof systems are covered with layers of roof material that are sealed by bonded seams. While these systems are susceptible to weaker seams with age, the spray application of foam roofing eliminates seams entirely, which offers better leak protection. The flexible nature of foam roofing also improves the installation process, as it adheres to nearly any surface, and is easy to install around rooftop protrusions including vents and A/C units. As an additional bonus, these roof systems need very little maintenance when compared to other commercial roofing materials, in addition to being exceptionally lightweight, and with proper installation, a foam roofing installation can last you 20 years or more!

This After Picture Shows How White Foam Can Cool Roofs While Restoring the Original Roofing Layer

Foam Roofing Installation Service

We recommend foam roofs for commercial structures, not only for the swift and easy application, but additionally for its cost-effectiveness. This roofing material offers many perks that save you money both in installation and for the lifetime of the roof system, such as improved energy efficiency. This roof system effectively lowers your energy costs by reflecting the sun off of the roofing, and keeping the rest of the building cooler in the process. For clients that want to save up to 30% on their energy costs, foam roofing is a great place to begin. If you are interested in professional foam roofing installation in New Orleans, LA, give our roof experts a ring at (833) 200-0571 and get your inspection and quote!