Flat Roof Leak Detection Services

Is your flat roof leaking, sagging, or displaying other atypical signs of disrepair? Included in the many problems you will see from a moisture leak, is mold growth and potential structure damages. However, a leak cannot be fixed until it can be found, and locating leaks on flat roofs is more difficult than you might guess. Luckily, the professionals at ECO Commercial are here to assist you with flat roof leak detection in New Orleans, LA for a budget-friendly cost. By using infrared roof leak detection supplies, we can swiftly locate the source of disrepair, and swiftly get you the repair services you need. Schedule your appointment today by calling (877) 406-7663, and make sure to inquire about the additional services we provide!

Leaks Are Common With Flat Roofs Because Water Pools With Nowhere To Drain, Eventually Dripping Through the Roof To The Interior Building

Flat Roof Leak Detection

Flat roof leaks happen when a flat roof system is not given each of the maintenance services it needs to stay in prime condition. In order to ensure a roof leak does not become worse, or damage the roof anymore, the repair process should start immediately. If a minor leak is left alone to become bigger, it can permanently damage the entire roof structure, as well as ultimately become a concern to the entire building too.

The fastest way to pinpoint leaks on flat roof systems is to employ a process known as infrared roof leak detection. With this technology, contractors are able to search the entire roof for sections that are broken or weakened. Further damages aren’t always entirely avoidable, but we’re able to mitigate them by finding them early on. Our flat roof leak detection services are affordable, specialized, and designed to provide you with the fast assistance you need.

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It is vital to order repairs before your roof is on the edge of failing. When you want flat roof leak detection in New Orleans, LA, call our experts immediately for effective as well as budget-friendly infrared roof leak detection services. Repairs can start as soon as the leak’s origin has been located. Set up your flat roof leak survey today by talking to the roofing experts at (877) 406-7663!