Commercial Corrugated Roof Installation

Commercial Corrugated Metal Roof Systems Are Durable

Up until recently, corrugated metal was generally only used for barns or sheds, but thanks to modern improvements, corrugated metal panels can serve a wide selection of roofing types. If you’re searching for a resilient roofing solution, ask us about our budget-friendly commercial corrugated metal roof installation in New Orleans, LA. The only metal roofing style that is almost as popular as corrugated metal is standing seam, which is likewise utilized for a variety of business structures. Do not hesitate to send us a call as soon as possible at (877) 406-7663 if you would like to discover more information, or if you’d like to ask for an estimate for services!

Types Of Corrugated Metal Roofs

There are a few different varieties of commercial corrugated metal roof systems in the industry, but the majority of clients ask for either U panel or R panel systems. Though the 2 options will offer distinctly different looks for your roofing, either option will still provide the durability you want. Along with how strong they are, R panels are additionally quite low maintenance, which plays a role in their long lifetimes. In the right conditions, an R panel roof system will endure for 50 years or more, and as it can be installed directly over most other roofing materials, you’ll save tear-off costs too.

Seen in This After Photo Of the Skating Rink, Commercial Corrugated Metal Easily Installs To Provide A Seamless Look

Usually, in metal roofs, the panels are 29 gauge, but in U panels, the gauge is 26. If you’re looking for a more stylish solution for your business, these are the right choice, and they can additionally provide you with added energy efficiency. Similar to the R panels, you can install this system right over an existing solution, so installation is very easy. If something such as rust damages your roof system, we can offer fast and affordable commercial corrugated metal roof repair.

Get Started Today With Commercial Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

Choosing a metal roof supplies you with many perks, from energy efficiency to resiliency and much more. Through each of the varieties available, metal roofing continues to hold its own against the competition in terms of aesthetics and longevity. The commercial corrugated metal roof experts at ECO Commercial are glad to respond to any questions that you may have in regards metal roof systems. To receive an estimate for your commercial corrugated metal roof installation in New Orleans, LA, don’t hesitate to give us a call ASAP at (877) 406-7663!