Quality Industrial Roof Coatings

The type of business you conduct in your commercial building will definitely play a part in the kind of roofing solution you’ll require. Manufacturing and industrial roof systems are particularly in need of more strength, as they’re vulnerable to damage from smoke and steam on the top of the roof. If you have an industrial roof, you’ll have to make sure your roof is protected by high-quality industrial roofing materials. Since industrial roof systems are made with special materials, their roofing restoration requirements also call for specialized industrial-grade materials. To request your industrial roof coatings in New Orleans, LA, contact ECO Commercial at (877) 406-7663 to get begin.

Industrial Roof Coatings Can Withstand High Heat and Chemicals, Where Commercial Roof Coatings Can’t

Industrial Roof Coating Services

When it comes time to choose a coating for a facility, it is pretty common for customers to ask us what the variance is between commercial and industrial roof coatings. The answer is pretty simple, in that industrial roof systems come in contact with more elements that can create damage over time. Due to this, industrial roof coating materials have to be particularly durable to withstand those elements. Another essential feature of industrial roof coatings is the flexibility that allows them to fit perfectly with all of the seams and protrusions on your facility rooftop. Industrial roof systems use vents, fans, and exhausts all over the surface of the roof system, and each of those has the possibility to leak if the proper materials aren’t used to seal them. Industrial roof coatings are very efficient, and will easily defend your roof while enabling you to get another 10 years out of its lifespan.

Prices For Industrial Roof Coatings

When it comes time to fix basic problems on your industrial roof system without purchasing an entirely new roof, your best bet may be to choose an industrial roof coating. Roof coatings easily apply over your current roof, which means you don’t have to ask to have the current roof system removed or hauled away, but you’ll still get the roofing protection you want. Rely on us for our industrial roof coatings in New Orleans, LA and the nearby areas for your future roofing solution. Call the trained industrial roof contractors at ECO Commercial now at (877) 406-7663 to learn more!